ZEISS CP.3 set van 5

ZEISS CP.3 set van 5

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This set includes the following lenses:

  • ZEISS CP.3 15mm Compact Prime T2.9 -  PL Mount
  • ZEISS CP.3 25mm Compact Prime T2.1 -  PL Mount
  • ZEISS CP.3 35mm Compact Prime T2.1 -  PL Mount
  • ZEISS CP.3 50mm Compact Prime T2.1 -  PL Mount
  • ZEISS CP.3 85mm Compact Prime T2.1 -  PL Mount


ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 lenses range from wide-angle to telephoto, with imperial markings and the option of a PL (included) or EF Mount,

Digital technologies have transformed traditional filmmaking and refashioned the market. New and innovative technologies in both production and post-production have paved the way for a more versatile, cost effective and advanced workflow. 

Upgrading The CP.2

ZEISS CP.3 lenses offer a combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They exhibit the clean and crisp characteristics for which ZEISS is well known. ZEISS retained the interchangeable mount design and improved mechanics, while adding Full Frame coverage and other functions.

  • Kenmerken

    • Covers Full Frame sensors
    • A more consistent aperture range
    • Shared focal lengths with the Milvus family
    • Compact body to accommodate gimbal & aerial work
    • 95mm front diameter (rather than the 114mm fron OD of the CP.2 line)
    • Standard focus ring position
    • 300° rotation